October 3, 2015


It's October!  Finally.  I think  my class is settling in and we are starting to groove. Thank goodness.  Although most days I think I'm the one doing more grooving than the kiddos.  First grade is tough ya'll!  And throw in LOTS of rainy days, the blood moon, minor/major daily disruptions, and Hurricane Joaquin and you've get yourself a BIG ole' headache.  That hurricane may have never graced our presence officially here in SC, but we sure did get record breaking rain and floods.  In fact, we were out of school yesterday due to the potential of heavy rain and deadly flash flooding.  Thanks Joaquin!  Now head on out of here so we can get back to business!
Here's what I'm doing currently on this rained out, washed out, flooded out Saturday.
As I mentioned above, it has done nothing but rain the past few days.  The cooler weather that this storm brought in has been nice.  But the rain, I'm ready for it to go away!
Report cards go home in just a few short weeks.  That means I need to start scheduling parent conferences.  I'm planning only meeting with those that I NEED to meet with first.  Time is precious and I need to use what little time I have of it to set up plans of action for those who are not making progress.  Do you have that kind of flexibility?  Or, are you required to meet with every parent?
The only thing I want or need right is some sunny weather.  That's all.
I think my girls are boo-tiful!  I love them to pieces.  My oldest is a sophomore in high school.  She's smart, caring, loves the lord, and loves to play soccer.  She works hard and is taking a course load that I would have balked out when I was her age.  I'm so proud of her and grateful that she lets me participate in her life.  My youngest is a piece of work.  She's smart as well and has a vocabulary that rivals that of someone that is 20 years older than she is.  Thanks common core!  She is also kind, caring, and full of herself.  She comes up with things that makes us laugh and wonder where she came from!  I'm so blessed.
What are you up to currently?  How's the weather where you are?  Are you enjoying this beautiful Autumn season?
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