July 28, 2015

Get to Know Me!

I'm linking up with The Tattoed Teacher today to share some different things about me.  This week's theme is a fun Yes or No checklist.  Here goes!
1.  Yes, I do talk to myself.  Not all the time though!
2.  I'm not superstitious.  Or at least I try not to be!
3.  Yes, I crack my knuckles on occasion.  I think I mostly do it out of nervousness!
4.  Yes, I'm hungry.  Pinning all those fabulous recipes doesn't help with this at all!
5.  TV is on, it's always on!  It's actually on something that I chose this morning.  Doesn't happen that often though!
6.  Yes, I still have 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth.  I had 1 removed last summer.  I have a big fear of the dentist and anything to do with my mouth.  That was about all I could handle at that time.
7.  No, haven't showered yet.  Don't judge.  It's summer!
8.  I've been to Disney several times.  Love it!  My girls are so ready to go again.  Hopefully we can plan a trip for sometime in the future.
9.  No more glasses for me.  I had lasik surgery 14 years ago.  Best thing I ever did.  I had such poor eyesight, it was really bad!  In fact, I went into labor unexpectedly with my oldest and had to have an unplanned c-section.  I had to remove my contacts prior to the surgery.  Because this happened so fast, I didn't have my glasses for after the surgery.  Which meant that I couldn't see my precious baby girl after she was born!  I was like, "Bring her closer, I can't see!"  My sweet father in law had to go all the  way to our house to bring my glasses back to the hospital for me so that I could see.
10.  Yes, I still live in the state where I was born (SC).
What a fun linky! 
Head on over to Rachel's blog to link up yourself.  Next week will be a fun fill in the blank activity!

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  1. Summer--totally no judgement on the showering situation. It makes me smile that I may not be the only one to not shower until late... Happy August!


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