August 1, 2015


Well August has arrived.  Can't do anything to change that.  So now I must embrace it and get my rear in gear for this new school year!  Here's a little bit of what I'm doing Currently!
I'm so hoping that I can get into my classroom to work this week.  This is my last week off.  I don't really want to spend every minute of it working at school, but it's the only way to get myself ready before the madness starts.  I have list after list of things to buy, make, and do.  I take one and crumple it up to only rewrite it again on a bigger piece of paper. I have stack of "things" to look at and read.  I have professional books I "need" to finish.  Hmm, a little bit more summertime would be nice right about now.  But in all honesty, I don't think it would all get down even if I had more time!
My baby girl is back from music camp.  So my little family is all back together again.  Both my girls have had a busy summer going here and there.  I've been nothing but a glorified cab driver and personal ATM.  Wouldn't trade it though! It's been a good summer with my family.  So blessed.
This year I want to really work hard at sharing words of encouragement.  It's free and doesn't cost anything.  But the impact of those words have the potential to be huge.  This year my first grade team will really need to rely on each other and be supportive for several big reasons.  Those words of encouragement will be NECESSARY.  I also want to try and just surprise my teammates with fun treats every now and then.  Again, just little things that could be so meaningful at any given time.
What are you Currently doing?  Head on over to Farley's and link up!
Happy August!


  1. My daughter has enjoyed several music camps as well. It's always a lot of work but a lot of joy being a parent.

    I hope you can be that rock of encouragement for your team as you head into this year. I wish you all the best.

  2. It really is a balance that last week of wanting to spend your last few days of free time doing what you want versus getting in the classroom to prep, isn't it?! I feel the same way! I hope you're able to do a bit of both!

    Real Teachers Learn

  3. The gift of words is so meaningful- and so often overlooked! Enjoy this last week with your family!!

    Mrs. Reed's Resource Room

  4. I'm also itching to get back into my room but not quite ready to bid summer goodbye. So torn!

    From Classroom To Counselor


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